Meet Liam Twomey; our Geelong Disability Expo Ambassador

Fresh from securing his first World Cup victory in Malaga, Spain, where he came second place, Liam Twomey is an accomplished Elite Paratriathlete determined to represent Australia in the upcoming Paris Paralympics in 2024.  

Beyond his remarkable achievements on the athletic stage, Liam is a passionate advocate for mental health, serving as an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute and the Australian Institute of Sport.   

He was also recently announced as the ambassador for the Geelong Disability Expo on February 23 and 24, 2024. At the tender age of seven, Liam faced a life-altering challenge when he lost his right leg below the knee to cancer, which led to self-esteem and identity issues. Since then, he has shown incredible resilience and determination as he overcame mental health issues and substance abuse in his early twenties and transformed his life through elite sports, emerging as an inspiring role model.     

Liam competes nationally and internationally, going head-to-head with the world’s top athletes. His outstanding achievements include a 6th-place finish in the PTS4 classification at the 2023 Triathlon World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain. Currently ranked 9th globally in the PTS4 classification and 7th in the Paris Paralympic Qualification rankings, Liam continues to make waves in the competitive arena.  

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Liam is a public speaker where he actively engages with regional schools, participating in athlete rights initiatives and juggles his demanding training with a degree in Sports Science at University. His enthusiasm about addressing the upcoming disability expo underscores his dedication to positively influencing all those around him.  

Motivated by those who believed in him, Liam embodies strength, resilience, and inspiration. His multifaceted commitment to sports, education, advocacy, and public speaking solidifies him as a beacon for those facing challenges, showcasing that one can triumph over adversity and make a profound impact on the world.